The Force

The Force
Thank you George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars saga, a brilliant and beautiful adventure, and for introducing the new name to what we have always known to be beneath it all. The Force.
The force is not an abstract concept. It is an experienced reality. And an extremely profound part of my existence, and I may refer to it as energy, or universal energy.
The force is there, surrounding you now, waiting for your open acceptance. It is enlightenment, love, truth, and joy. Everything and nothing, the quest of lifetimes. Indefinable. It is the force of spirituality, even if barely tasted, it is the glue of faith. Your sense of spirituality may only need a tune-up to feel the force directly. Goose-pimply and tingly with the energy, you will guide yourself. I can tell you how to get started the rest is up to you. Not from concepts, not from understanding the theory of words in a book, but direct experience. At I am posting techniques on how to see feel and interact with this energy. Different vibrations create different awareness, I am adding a new technique to reach a vibration of oneness, it delivers a massive amount of energy, and brings many to laughing tears of joy, what they have described as nirvana, or enlightenment a
You will feel it too! Your experience gives you reality. My wish is to navigate you to this experience. The rest will be obvious. You will be able to see and feel it for yourself. Create your own conclusions. How can I prove that there is something to offer here? Could we possibly be missing simple experiences that lead to such knowledge and contact with force of life. The answer is yes, and I can prove it!
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