A New Awareness

We are in the middle of a renaissance in consciousness. A spiritual knowing that there is more to life than we have been experiencing in our moments, that life can be and should be more. … It is an expanding thought, a positive psychological contagion among us. Our experience simply doesn’t match the preconceptions we have, the learned expectations and nebulous ideals of “life”, “job”, “friend”, “lover”, “love” and even “hate”. Even if we find ourselves in reaction to these, and playing the part expected by culture, we feel it’s inadequacy to define the situation. When we creatively and with quality, examine a situation and take an “action” instead of a reaction, or an “expected” response, we find a greater connection to people and flow in this life.
This global unification of spiritual expression already exists in art and song, it is the defined expression of spirituality, a glimpse, a direct sensation of the force of spirituality. It is unlimited by the dynamics of art and language and the semantics in expressing that energy. The understanding is different, but the experience is the same. When I look deep within this, when I take a global look at art, and the underlying expression I see in all art, song, and expressive media I see “freedom” and “oneness”. We all create our reality, perhaps it is just me that sees this in the expressions of soul and heart in art.
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There are no ordinary moments.
JD Atlas
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