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See how a simple shift in focus allows us to see we are much more.
We are beings of light!

You CAN See Auras in 30 Seconds!

I haven’t met anyone yet who couldn’t see auras in just a few seconds with this quick instruction.

We all have an aura, animals and plants too. Most people have seen them fleetingly, dismissed as shadows, or only in the paintings of religious icons. This need not be, and you will soon see, how easily … your spiritual knowledge is not to be!
To see the aura one only needs to refocus the eye approximately 18″ past the subject. To start training your eye to see auras, place your friend approximately 18″ away from a white or plain surface, place yourself 8′ to 10′ away. You can see your own aura using a mirror, you should try to be at least 3 feet away preferable with a plain white wall 18″ behind you. Natural lighting is best; the aura can be viewed in any indirect light. Focus on the wall just next to your friends / your shoulder area. Keep your focus on the wall; you will very quickly notice a thin “shadow” against your or your friend’s shoulder. Ask your friend to exhale deeply; you will immediately notice that “shadow” expanding, with the last of a full exhalation. This is the etheric aura. It is usually ¼” to 2″ in thickness.
As you look longer you will notice that this “shadow” contains light, it appears as though a light is behind the person pointing up. The fist colors seen are usually yellow to green, sometimes clear. This is normal for the etheric aura, especially around the shoulder area. The etheric aura tends to show the chakra colors appropriate to the chakra level viewed; Red, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet, from the root to the crown chakra respectively. Incidentally these are the colors of the rainbow, in order. When viewing the aura, the colors are not as important as the quality of the color. For example a muddy or dirty color will usually indicate negative energies, while brighter more vibrant colors indicate more positive energies.
The astral aura is the outer aural layer, approximately 3″ to 2′ from the body. There is no distinct separation, however the astral aura is a bit darker and more diffuse, often confused as a shadow on a wall. If you rock side to side slightly, you will notice that “shadow” is actually between them and the wall. A lucky few will be able to see the astral aura immediately, for most it will take a few days of practice viewing the etheric aura; retraining the eye not to return to normal focus. The astral aura will usually appear first as a shadow, usually with no color, but after some practice, preferably in good lighting, you will start to see the colors of the astral aura. You will also notice it is not always directly behind or around the person.
Fun tricks. Have the person you are viewing rock side to side. You will notice that the aura will sometimes stay with the subject while with others it will lag behind. You may see a ball of light over the shoulder, or strong, bright line of light down one arm, these often pulsate and vanish. After a little practice you will be able to see auras in different settings and lighting, and will not need a background.
So far my research indicates that the aura itself is possibly due to our electro-magnetic field. This is created by the bodies electrical fields, and disrupts the light enough to refract some but not all waves / photons traveling around a person. Much like the process that makes the sky blue. (Oxygen, and nitrogen molecules vibrate at frequencies that refract blue light.)

Another truth is that every time an electron moves it either absorbs or transmits an electromagnetic wave, sometimes in the visible range.
Learning to see auras has had its benefits; I have learned that the best means revitalizing my energy is to simply breath deeply and slowly, fully filling and emptying my lungs instead of our usual shallow breathing, the effect is immediately felt, and visible in the aura, just check a mirror. This alone will give you at least twice the normal amount of energy you have.
I have taught many ophthalmic surgeons how to see the aura, asking them if there is any medical information they received in their long tenure in schooling or career as an eye surgeon. Some explained that it is possible there is a residual image on the retina, or that widening the focus could be a factor, however as soon as they noticed the aura moved with the subjects breathing, some were amazed, others ask where is the application.  Sometimes our definitions and very foundations of our judgement we find were simply handed to us. Experience proves different.
No preconceptions.
Research continues… … …
by JD Atlas

Love Truth Joy
No ordinary moments … … …

I decided to add the color information from one of my resources. Remember your interpretation matters as well.
Red ~ Chakra 1 ~ Genital Area ~ Musical Note C

Physical life, vitality, sexual power, ambition, Dark and or cloudy red shows violent or passionate behavior; “red with rage.”

Orange ~ Chakra 2 ~ Spleen  ~ Musical Note D

Health and Energy, Physical vitality, Excess orange can also result as pride. Cloudy and or dark orange shows low intellect.

Yellow ~ Chakra 3 ~ Heart ~ Musical Note E

Love and Kindness, optimism, compassion;  the “breath of life.”  Dark or cloudy yellow shows suspicion, covetousness.  Solar plexus and heart region.

Green ~ Chakra 4 ~ Thyroid ~ Musical Note F

Harmony, healing, balance, and the calming force.  Clear green shows versatility, and adaptability. Darker shades are jealous; “green with envy”, or deceitful. Thyroid and neck area

Blue ~ Chakra 5 ~ Mind ~ Musical Note G

Strong mental powers, intelligence, and logical thinking. Clear blue shows intuitive capabilities; “out of the blue.”  Darker shades indicate over analytic, suspicious nature or visionary mentality.

Indigo ~ Chakra 6 ~ Third Eye ~ Musical Note A

Deep wisdom or inspired thought. May show spirituality and devotional nature.  harmonious with nature, artistic, Self mastery.  Located in the pineal gland.

Purple ~ Chakra 7 ~ Spirit ~ Musical Note B

Divine connection, Spiritual attainment, cosmic consciousness, mystical understanding. “Purple raiment.” Located in the pituitary gland.

Other Colors


Lower Passions, Materialism, Lust

Rose Pink:

Selfless Love, Modesty, Gentleness


Selfishness, Avarice


Higher Self, Harmony, Good Qualities


High Energy, Constant Change, Versatility


Low Energy, Fear, Depression


Malice, Evil Intent, Sinister


A leader always belongs

In a league of his own

He is different from everyone

It is indeed this difference

That causes others to follow him

Be unique and original…”

Amyn Dahya

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