Spiritual Awakening Meditation

Experience spiritual awakening … nirvana  … oneness …  enlightenment  … samhadi   ….. Christ consciousness  …. spirit of the lord … tearful joy  ….  bliss … love …

It is a vibration, a simple change of frequency you can profoundly feel anytime; by adjusting your conscious attention to the all.

JD Atlas "We Are One"
Atlas – “I am one … so are you”


1) Simple 3rd eye exercise.  A necessary part of the nirvana meditation. Experience this first.

2)  Simple breathing / relaxation exercises.  Before you meditate;  relax your breathing and your muscles.

3) This is the nirvana meditation.  Nameste!

… Another version – Nirvana Meditation  aired 1/24/2015 – Vegas All Net Radio – Talk With Vince Show.

 Music by Sheila Z Sterling – Her CD is located here: