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J D Atlas ~ The one thing I know with complete certitude, is that I know very little.

J D Atlas At Grand Canyon S.H.I.F.T. Meditation

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Inspirational Yogi Mystic -Meditations – Keynote Speaker – Business Presentations – Spiritual Events:
I am Dedicated to pointing out the science and practical use of a few simple facts.

1) There is energy we can see and feel around us,
2) that we have amazing creative power

Examples abound, and the technique is a simple shift in focus for image and for thought.All the research that has been done on those amazing individuals; that have created the best for and in us, all show they all did it the same way.  They had a passion, one strong enough to give them a vision, they had a focus, and emotions to drive it, and they didn’t give up when setback. Why? because they had passion to met opposition; and they usually found an the opportunity.  If you don’t believe it, ask the top creator you know.  Consciously or unconsciously they mastered this creative technique.
We create with every thought, with every image in movies of our mind.  Those with vision control more of that movie, and direct it!

If you think that is powerful,  it is nothing compared to when we work together.  When we work together, we are EXTREMELY powerful, we topple 30 year old oppressive regimes in 30 days. We create religions, major trends and belief systems, . … and like cash and the internet, our creative power has as much capacity for good, as it does for …. other intentions.

Pinnacle knowledge of the ancient mysteries, and of the adepts of many “religions”, is the ancient proofs that point out we ARE the creators; the God;  in his / her image as it plainly states.  We can create with vision,  intent, and action.

In numbers we create in a very powerful way. Tradition dictated that  it took men of “gold within” to be worthy of this knowledge.  Abuse could raise armies of opposition, or lead to oppression, by creating a fear culture instead of love, … and it did.  We all need to forget anything conspiracy, conspiracy it is moot point! Regardless of who or what entity ….
If you are not creating for yourself, your are creating for someone else …  period.
You must be in control of creating the direction of your vision, or you are at the whim of those that would provide other images for mind to create with.   I ask you.  Is the media and persons you expose your mind to, helping … or hindering your choice of vision and life?

It is time for the apocalypse, time for the veil to be lifted, for us all to know we are the creators. The communication level is high enough now for us to police each other, we have proven this. My argument is: we are seeing countries with 30 years of oppression freeing themselves in 30 days with social media and communication.
Now ponder this …  Every computer has a distinct IP address, every phone a distinct transponder number,  using this tech, if we wanted to, all those with access could vote as as ONE, as a planet … NOW!

You are here because more of us are feeling and talking about this change, thinking about and discussing its potential. As we reach a threshold, the number creating this realization will blossom.

Mystic Meditations – Keynote Speaker – Business Presentations – Spiritual Events
You will share in my events with direct experience. It will become your experience seeing, feeling, and creating with this energy; giving you true knowledge you can share.

  • This Yoga you take with you; and charge yourself anytime:  so you don’t need to manipulate it from others, … and how to charge them and share and thus never be drained again
  • You will see the energy around all things, and will notice that when you look at life it is a more dynamic energy.
  • I provide examples and techniques on exactly how to create effectively:
    • The proper use of image thoughts, speech and and emotion.   … and persistent ACTION
    • Examples of the masters:
    • Showing you must pay attention to what you put in your mind.  Most of us pay about 5% attention to that constant movie in our heads,  it is creating you life … and you can edit every single frame if you learn to stay in the moment. … … … think of the 95% potential you are letting go when you don’t  … … …
  • The universe doesn’t speak English, or spoken language, it speaks and responds to images, and the strength of the emotions behind them. Are you using that against what you really want in your life?  A simple shift and you will see exactly how and why, so you can experience the life you want to create for yourself.
  • What is the quality of your thought, the one you are having right now?  What image is it creating for you this second?  Is it the greatest you?

About JD Atlas:
A quarter of a century in self education. First I was studying religions throughout history. I have studied philosophy, many sciences , brain development, consciousness studies, meditation and mysticism.
In studying the religions and philosophy I approached them more or less chronologically.  Starting with ancient writings, Egyptians, the mystery schools, and moving as chronologically as possible through ancient Chinese, Persian, Asian and up through New Testament, The Book Of Mormon, including Hindu and Christian Mysticism.

I also have also done extensive study and research in physics, quantum physics, field theory, gravity and energy density. and the Noetic sciences.

I see a common thread weather we see God as without or to discover from within;  they are all describing the same experiences of spiritual joy.  They call them different names, and are arrived at with different often obscure methods, and at the root, are all saying that at the mystic or “physical experience” level of any religion, a state of bliss and communion in reached.


The experience of this bliss, nirvana, enlightenment, or satori, or whatever you call it is through direct sensation of the moment, this universe and it’s energy, it can clearly be experienced, and has been described throughout history in all religions.

I have come to share that this yoga, vibration, this energy flow can be yours on demand to reach your bliss, your God whenever you choose.

Many who meditate have had this experience, have touched on that moment so full of love and joy that tears flow, beautiful tears.  Most who have had that experience long for it again.  I am here to share that it is a frequency, a powerful vibration you can reach through self guided vision and love.  …  repeatedly!


Please ask me in comments if you find anything to be particularly “fuzzy”. Your input will help.

Just a few book favorites:

Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda

Napoleon Hill

Art of War, Tsung Tsu

Bible, King James

Albert Einstein

Bible, New Testament (red words for Jesus version)

Celestine Prophecy

Conversations With God, Neil Donald Walsh

Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant

Egyptian Book of the Dead

I Ching, ~ Wildhelm & Baynes eddition

Journey of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tso

Bruce Lee

Carl Segan


Amit Goswami

Stephen Hawking

Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman

Zen, And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance, Persig

Much classic literature, and history texts

Philosophy from Ancient Egyptian, Greek philosophers, Persian, Persian, Chinese; martial arts philosophy, from zen to Jeet Kun Do.


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