Feeling Energy

Here is a quick and easy exercise to give yourself and another person a significant energy charge and immediately answer your curiosity. You will experience it for yourself. 🙂

It is a way of using the law of attraction to feel what you are creating.
What you put out, you get back,  if you put out how amazing a spectacular view is, you feel it, it charges you with an aha! a wow;  much like a feeling in church, from meditation, or standing on the rim of the grand canyon.

Ok, the easiest way for me to teach you this experience is for you to work with someone you care about, or have respect for.  This is a TWO person exercise to feel how this energy works.

  1. You and the person you have chosen are to sit facing facing each other.
  2. Agree that when you start to feel this energy you will raise one hand … and keep going.
  3. Agree to continue until it is really making you zing and then you raise both hands.
  4. Now,  to start both of you look into each others eyes and say what you truly appreciate or love about the other.  Back and forth, with intention and eye contact, one after the other until both of you are grinning and tingling.
  5. Repeat as often as possible.
What does this mean? For one, it means what we put out there … we create for ourselves and others.
If you hate … you do that hate to yourself. (You also hurt the loved one next you …)
If you love …  you do that to yourself too.  (You also show love to the one next you …) It is simple feedback.
We create for ourselves what we create for others,  … the greatest among us is the servant of us all. … remember that one?
Do you want your next thoughts and visions to create with energy empowering yourself, or not?

It is a choice.  
We create what we chose to.
I love you all,
J D Atlas.
P.S.  You can do this with someone over the phone, distance is not a factor, I have had experience with people even on the opposite side of the planet, and without a phone.(just agree on a matching time)
P.S.S.  This works with everyone, even your enemies,  the most selfish thing you can do is appreciate  you enemy.  …

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