Exit From Eden ~ 2012

II  Exit From Eden

Eden is in this moment.  It is direct sensation;  the visceral experience and the quality of being in this moment.

The apple of knowledge is a beautiful analogy; it can remove  the experience; a perfect analogy.
We are still in Eden, yet many only see the definitions and memories of their environment.
The visceral experience is lost.

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When you were a child and touched a flower, the flower touched you back,
when you touched a tree, the tree touched you back.
There was a visceral experience; without definition, without preconceptions.
As we grow we substitute experience with definitions, and emotions.

A tree becomes simply a tree, a mountain, just a mountain,
and a child, … is just a child.

Seeing only definitions & illusions of things, not the things as the simply are, … the experience becomes only a shadow of reality,  and the energy of the moment is lost.

When we shelter ourselves from nature with poor definitions, it becomes something else, a stranger.

The definitions that we hold to pre-construct our surroundings, and how we define the moment is what reality becomes to us.  If that reality is defined as mundane then that is what you get.  A mundane existence.

If that definitions is rich and full and alive, so are you.

“-Ahhh but to lose the definitions.
To throw away the preconceptions, and find again this place to be the miracle it really is.
Through the eyes of a child,  …
Like you just arrived, here, at this place, on this planet, in this solar system, in this universe, and at this point in time.
At his point in our process of experience on this planet.  –  because this is the truth of it … You chose to be right here, right now.”

J. D. Atlas


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