Yoda Was Right

Yoda Was Right

by J. D. Atlas

Contents       * Yoda Was Right was originally going to be a book ~ with today’s technology this seems foolish,  there will be much more than a “book” here.  Organized in chapters this area is my opus in progress,  Much to be added from years of research; it will grow over time, including video and audio, links, and more.  To get the “nutshell” that this represents see the 2012 – Apocolypse page. This will be a community creation, and we all have something beautiful to add; I only know for sure, that I know very little, so please make your voice and image seen.  There are NO ordinary moments.

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I   Apocalypse ~ The Great Secret Revealed; Step By Step  ~ How We Create!
II  Exit From Eden
III  Return To Eden

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IV  Hierarchies In Memory Patterns
V Stagnant Behavior
VI The Brain
VII  Direct Psychic / Emotional Effect
VIII Cellular Memory
IX   Scientific Representations Of Reality
X    Aesthetic Values

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