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How to see auras.
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You CAN See Auras easily in 30 Seconds!
I haven’t met anyone yet who couldn’t see auras in just a few seconds with this quick instruction.We all have an aura, animals and plants too. Most people have seen them fleetingly, dismissed as shadows, or only in the paintings of religious icons. This need not be, and you will soon see, how easily … your spiritual knowledge is not to be! To see the aura one only needs to refocus the eye approximately 18″ past the subject. To start training your eye to see auras, place your friend approximately 18″ away from a white or plain surface, place yourself 8′ to 10′ away. You can see your own aura using a mirror, you should try to be at least 3 feet away preferable with a plain white wall 18″ behind you. Natural lighting is best; the aura can be viewed in any indirect light. Focus on the wall just next to your friends / your shoulder area. Keep your focus on the wall; you will very quickly notice a thin “shadow” against your or your friend’s shoulder. Ask your friend to exhale deeply; you will immediately notice that “shadow” expanding, with the last of a full exhalation. This is the etheric aura. It is usually

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