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~ Specifically How We Create! ~ Here Revealed For One And All … Forever Free

The Universe / God / The Source Does Not Speak ENGLISH, or any modern language. The Universe speaks images and intention; the power that drives these images and intentions are your emotions.

The SECRET to unlock “The Secrete”, and the KEY to all “Positive Attraction” or “Positive Thinking” is this; … the image is what is important, not the words; and emotion is the driving power of creating it.

Like seeing auras, this is a small shift in focus, yet it makes all the difference.

Example 1 ~ Why we often don’t get what we say and “think” we want! ~ Why the “Secret” or “power of attraction” fails for some.

If you habitually think, “I hate being late to work, I wish I was never late to work.” The odds are, you are a person late to work. The image in your mind, is you, late to work, that is your vision, your intention, and that is what you will create. The more strongly your feel about it, the more powerfully you create it.

If you habitually think “I hate being early to work, I always have to make the damn coffee!” The odds are, you are going to keep being early, and making the damn coffee. That is the image you have put forth into the universe.

We do this all our lives, most of us are half the time doing this right, the other half going backwards! It is why we feel stagnant! We can fix this!

THE ERROR: We are told to “think positive” and to many many people; thinking “NO more PAIN” is a positive thought. It is NOT. It is a thought in fear, and the image is pain, the more you desire “no pain” with greater emotion the more you will get. To “think positive” you must visualize an image of the outcome you desire. The image of healing, or healed, and loving life.

Again, the faith of all the religions clearly state this, and that the image must be of love, not fear. Like seeing auras, it is a very simple shift in thought, in CONTROLLING the images in the mind to suit the life you want. That is faith.

Every thought, every action has a base in either fear, or love; both create.

Example 2 ~ How To Pray

When you pray, again, the image is what is important. If you pray, “please lift this pain”, or to stop the suffering of one you love, you will create more pain and suffering. Your image is of pain, and a prayer to relieve a pain is a thought of FEAR, not love, it is not a thought of faith. Fear is a strong emotion too; and it creates all that we do not want.

All religions clearly state that faith, and thoughts in love are the right path; and I have studied most of them; chronologically, seeing them repeat this theme over and over.

You must pray to “start this healing”, or imagine the health and happiness you want for them, see them or yourself playing, doing favorite things, and be THANKFUL that you can help it be. Backed with powerful emotion this creates very effectively.

It works; it is the power of prayer, and the why it works. Again regardless of you book of faith, read and you will see this. All are answered, we just image or vision the opposite of what we want.

Mother Theresa knew this. She was asked once to join and anti war protest. She said, “No, I will not, but when you have a pro peace rally, I will be there.” She knew the difference between the image of “no and war” vs “pro and peace”. One is a thought of fear, the other one of love. We all face this duality in our minds and its vision creates regardless if we control the images in our mind or not.

When you pray, you must keep the images in love, not fear. Any thought regarding unmet needs, scarcity, and preventing the negative in life; are thoughts in fear. So many people are brought to their fears, and it was their constant imaging and emotion that has created it. Why do you think many live some of their worst fears. If you fear for example, that you will raise or have a problem child; and that worry is on your mind a lot, guess what, you are helping to create it.

The greatest example of failed creation is of course the desire for money. I you “wish” for money, the image is “you wanting” whatever that is. (car, money, love, sex). … you will continue to create that. Only those that break free and force for themselves, and into their minds, thoughts of abundance, with emotion, escape to wealth. It is a simple shift and choice of image. If you don’t believe it, ask someone who became wealthy, and what their vision was. It was not of fear or scarcity, but of abundance and possibility and opportunity.

~ The Movie In Your Mind ~ Edit That Movie, Be The Captain Of Your Soul.

We all notice that our minds can go on without our conscious intention. We see in our heads that there is a movie that plays there. An almost constant stream of images. That movie creates our life, weather we pay attention to what is on that screen or not. (Plato’s Cave)

You can already see from the last section that the images are creating your life, and the key to changing your life. You must pay attention to your mind. A best start is to journal what it is showing you. Once you are aware, you can make changes, and toss out that which will not serve your goals. You will all be amazed at how fast you create when you control the quality of your own power.

Just think about your position in life now. You are where you are by the images you held and controlled into place, images that you had emotion for, and that you took action on.

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The Power of Group Creation!
Solid Documented Proof that this Works!
Ok, first proof is that you are here, at this site, and that you have noticed more and more people in tune with this, and more will be, … we are reaching a threshold in consciousness, and there is proof this works!

 (look this up for yourself please)
Many minds together create with more power.  In Washington DC there was an experiment done for two months in 1993, adding 4000 meditation practitioners meditating to stop violence.  Meditation persons were added over 8 weeks and reduced the percentage in homicides, rapes and assaults by 23%! Again only 4000 people created a safer City!  IMAGINE, if we all kept our minds in better vision.Graph of violent crime reduction vs meditation expersFor the technical:
Analysis of 1993 data, controlling for temperature, revealed that there was a highly significant decrease in HRA crimes associated with increases in the size of the group during the Demonstration Project. The maximum decrease was 23.3% when the size of the group was largest during the final week of the project. The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002). When a longer baseline is used (1988-1993 data), the maximum decrease was 24.6% during this period (p < .00003).

Also, history provides countless examples:  Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, The amazing power of the people behind the USA during WWII. Almost every fortune 500 company got there because they had a board that created in a focused and collective manner. Just ask any wealthy person, the quality of vision that got them there and you will see what they did was not amazing, it was a shift in how they used their mind, with focus, and a motive power of emotion.


Definition From Websters 1) – “any revelation of a violent struggle in which evil is to be destroyed”

Definition From Websters 2) – ” a revealing, something disclosed, Gods disclose to man of himself”

You are the God, You are the creator; In his image. You are here, now, and forever more, you cannot go back to loosing your mind. The news you hear will not make fear, the changes you see will find opportunity! Welcome to the Apocalypse!

There Are No Ordinary Moments,

J D Atlas

Hand Of The Mysteries ~ Your Invitation